[mythtv] web based remote control for mythfrontend

Alex (cruzinthegalaxie) alex-myth at 61galaxie.com
Sat Apr 17 11:27:41 EDT 2004

Thanks Mark,

I think this will help quite a bit! I checked out your page just one 
question  What  port  is 8765?  Is that something
 you setup manually or is that the port of another listenting deamon you 

Thanks Henk,

I did find the mythbackend command set in the weindows source docs.

On another note... I did find this on sourceforge: 
But they use the kbde keyboard emulator. I was hoping to make this 
webremote without another
deamon that somone would have to install on their system. I attempted to 
set it up on mine , and
so far I can't get kbde to work properly by itself.

Attached is the "mythwebremote" file and they run the kbde keyboard 
commands through the kbde bin.
and then you have to setup X to listen to the /dev/kbde as a keyboard 
(which doesn't work yet on my system).

Ugh. I like Mark's ideas ALOT better.

~~ Alex
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