[mythtv] Re: Slow scheduling >1 min, causes timeouts

Robert Kulagowski bob at smalltime.com
Sat Apr 17 10:32:41 EDT 2004

If it's not your kernel or database corruption then it may be recording 
entries that you've specified as "duplicate check = no" (ie, get all 
recordings, even if you've recorded it before).

The existing code (CVS) causes the number of entries returned to be 
very, very large.  See the thread I started about "The Nanny" - mysql 
was returning over 80000 records in my case, and then only scheduling 
~200 programs.

Bruce, David and Isaac have been troubleshooting with me as the guinea 
pig and have at least identified the problem, and will commit a fix to 
CVS once they're satisfied with the code.

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