[mythtv] Use callsign for scheduling

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Apr 17 06:08:19 EDT 2004

Erik Arendse wrote:
> At 11:47 16-4-2004, you wrote:
>>But what if you want to change that callsign later on? Reasons might be
>>as simple as wanting to change "BBC1" to "BBC 1" or because a channel
>>decides to change their name. Will a change like that somehow mess up
>>the system? Or will it just continue to work?
> And another case which must be considered: some channels over here have
> different names during the day or in the evening. Would this new system be
> able to have multiple names for the same channel recognizing back-to-back
> recordings while the name of the scheduled station differs (but the
> frequency naturally stayed the same)?

If the channel has "abc" during the day and "def" at night,
record rules for shows on "abc" would record when they appear
in the listings as would shows scheduled for "def". That should
have worked before and should work now. Was that not the case?

I thought the issue with two stations on the same channel was the
EPG display. It would be nice if they could appear on the same
line but no one has done that yet. In that regard, no, there is
no difference.

However, it used to be that if you had the same station on the
same channel from two different sources (channel "3" would be
1003 and 2003) both lines would show up in the EPG and appear
to be identical. If you set a record rule from either of the
lines, it would only record for the chanid of that line (either
1003 exclusively or 2003 exclusively). Now, the show can record
from either input and the EPG has been hacxxx improved so that
it will only show one line for that station.

You could probably do something similar to put both listings
for a shared channel on one line. One question would be what
to put in the left hand column if it is a different station
depending on what time you are looking at.

> (For information: in xmltv input these stations have sometimes separate
> ID's, sometimes identical, depending on the grabber you use.)

The above assumes that the grabber results in two separate
rows in myth's 'channel' table.

> To get things even more confusing: sometimes a station A is broadcasting
> only several hours a day. The analog cable company uses the same frequency
> to distribute another station B while the main one doesn't broadcast. But
> on the satellite receiver connected to the digital card station B is
> available 24 hour a day. Is there or will there be support for the
> scheduler to know that the same station is available on multiple backends
> but not both 24/24?

Yeah, this will work just fine. Assuming the listings for "B"
on analog are identical to the satellite listings for "B"
during the hours that the both broadcast, you can go ahead and
use "B" as the callsign for both. If "News at Noon" is only
listed for the satellite feed, it would have to record from
that input. If "Midnight Madness" is listed for both, the
scheduler could record it from either input based on what other
things need to record and what might work out best.

--  bjm

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