[mythtv] Newbie Alert!

Graham J grahamj at lixar.com
Fri Apr 16 11:17:25 EDT 2004

Hey all,

(This is partially crossposted in Users but I've omitted my questions in
this post and it's just here to say hello and introduce myself to this list

Graham Nicholls here from Ottawa, Canada. I'm new to the list and thought
I'd say hello and mention why I'm here.

Up until now I've had my laptop connected to the TV running XP. I use it to
play back MPEG2 TV shows which I record using my other PC which has a
Hauppage PVR-250 and my own custom PHP/XMLTV/MYSQL setup. It works pretty
well but I've been itching to come up with a more integrated solution.

I've now put together an Athlon 1.1 box with 768MB, 120GB, Asus Radeon 9200,
a cheap Pine TV card (bt878 tuner), the PVR-250, an SB Live 5.1 and a
DVD-ROM. My goal is to set up MythTV on the box so I can browse listings,
watch live TV with the cheap card and have the PVR-250 dedicated to
recording only. I have no interest in pausing live TV or using the cheap TV
card for any recording whatsoever.

I haven't used Linux in quite some time so even just that part will be a
challenge for me, but I've been writing software since I was 7 so I know I
can overcome any challenges given enough time, and hopefully the odd tip
from you guys :)

I look forward to chatting more with the Myth community!

Graham J

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