[mythtv] Use callsign for scheduling

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Thu Apr 15 18:52:30 EDT 2004

(quotes rearranged)

Bruce Markey wrote:

> This piece of information in the US is the call letters assigned by 
> the FCC .... callsign

> the callsign is the field for the unique station identifier assigned 
> to a broadcaster by regulating authorities.

US-based, false assumptions again. I don't think we have something like 
an authorative, official callsign in Europe, and if so, it's not used by 
consumers. I certainly don't know them, don't know how to get them, and 
don't want to see them in display. We are used to freely assign and 
change the short name (3-5 letters usually) of the station, e.g. "K1" 
vs. "KABEL", "Pro7" vs. "Pro 7" etc..

> For the first point, The way to identify a unique station is to use a 
> piece of information that that station uses to identify themselves to 
> the rest of the world.

You are presenting something as "The way", which is based on false 
assumptions (and additionally goes against good old DB school, BTW).

> In fact, mixing data from this source with data from another source 
> would break channel matching. Switching from the regular grabber to 
> this source would also break the existing record rules.

Agreed. You seem to generally agree on the DB stability argument, good. 
If you consider that the callsign may indeed change arbitarily on this 
side of the world, it should follow that you can't use that either.

> For any suggesting that there should be a integer that myth creates to 
> identify a broadcaster, this would be just an extra indirection that 
> serves no new purpose.

I hope I showed that it does serve a purpose.
It's only a minor inconvience, obvious to use in code and ensures stability.


> Next, there are several statement in this thread that seem to indicate 
> that the posters are not aware of the features already in CVS.

Quite possible. I have ignored CVS since I left active development and I 
had *serious* stability problems, so I am glad when I have a working 
setup. Neither do I have time to follow the list all the time. I just 
came back to post a minor patch and wait for any possible response. 
Please excuse me when I am not aware of the current state.

> Despite sweeping changes, it just worked by the time it went in so no 
> one seemed to notice.


> raw text (attached) for the upcoming User's Guide.


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