[mythtv] DVB Channel Changes

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 14 23:27:07 EDT 2004

> About transponder linking:
> They are linked in the section headers...read the MPEG + DVB specs. But yes,
> iirc, there are some broken providers out there, who don't make sure all
> transponders on a satellite will get visited from a random scan.

This is the case in North America with a good deal of the birds that are not Dish Network, or Bell
ExpressVu.  Each transponder has different content from different providers, and they do not
co-ordinate.  This still requires some human intervention to add new channels if new transponders
show up, but thats not as common as a new program showing up on a transponder.

It might also be a good idea with the transponder list to be able to mark them as feed (dont
include in scan) or non feed (include in scan). (Possibly a flag to say weather it should be
scanned or not).  It could get quite frustrating if a new channel kept getting added that was just
color bars with a label "NBC Feed Channel" or what not, or even worse that it wasn't running and
DVBRecorder just sat there for XX hours saying "no data from card in 1 second.".

Part of the pid scanning might also want to check for if a service is running (I noticed some
tables that contained that informtion) so that if your pids are set wrong or a service isn't
actually running (i.e. mistake in guide or scheduling) you don't create a blank recording.

> About scanning in general:
> So you are saying that all current satellites/transponders should be
> pre-stored in MythTV? I belive something like this was argued on this list
> before, but then only for Satellites. This was (iirc) rejected by Isaac, so
> it's either going to be a configuration file (which is lame, since the
> configuration source for MythTV is the database) or hardcoded. To lessen the
> load on the users that don't have DVB, we could hardcode the list itself, and
> only push it onto the database when a DVB card is first configured. Don't
> know if the maintainers would be happy with that?

It would probbably be best if the satellite list/transponder list could get populated once when
DVB was initially setup rather than be part of the default myth database, since a good deal of
people dont need the dvb stuff at all.  (Like you said).

>> OK I guess I wasn't clear. I am not talking about encrypting the PAT/PMT.
>> Considner this example.

> Did you read the rest of the mail? I was agreeing with you... :)

I was just making myself clear about the PMT/PAT not being encrypted.  What I wrote was very vague

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