[mythtv] [bug?] slave backend expires current recording in process

Torsten Schenkel mythtv at isl.mach.uni-karlsruhe.de
Wed Apr 14 17:39:10 EDT 2004

Am Mi, den 14.04.2004 schrieb Ben Bucksch um 22:50:
> Torsten Schenkel wrote:
> >Both backends are recording, filesystem is 140GB/145GB filled.
> >
> filesystem on master or slave?

OK, forgot to mention that the filesystem is on the master, nfs mounted
to the slave.

> >Maybe the problem was that the programme that was expired was the first
> >recording the slave did. Another thing I noticed: The expiring messages
> >show up on the slave's console/log not the master's.
> >
> The slave is recording to the slave's disk, so if the slave's disk is 
> low, it should expire shows stored on the slave, not on the master.

Unfortunately it's not that easy :-)

> Or are you using NFS?

Yes, is it possible to have the slave record to it's own backend and
watch the recording on the master which has the main frontend or vice

Walkthrough: MythTV on Epia with PVR350 using Debian:

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