[mythtv] HDTV patches

Daniel Thor Kristjansson danielk at cat.nyu.edu
Wed Apr 14 16:07:40 EDT 2004

I've updated my patches so the work against the latest CVS.

No real change in functionality, except the hdtv-playback patch now lets
you disable frame skipping, or tune it to work with your system. The
signal check threshold can also be set by the user, but the ui for it is
in the playback patch for now.

I didn't include the DVB patch this time as I think I may have lost some
improvements in the DVB tuning, so I have to look through it more

Even without turning on frame skipping the hdtv-playback patch should
improve playback of high motion video with XvMC.

Sorry about the delay, I had a weird couple weeks at work that ended
with layoffs of all non-managerial staff, myself included.

The patches are here:

-- Daniel

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