[mythtv] scheduling and mythweb

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Apr 14 12:26:09 EDT 2004

> Can't you just set recendts to a fixed time in the past and recstartts
> to the current time like I do in ProgramInfo?

recendts?   you mean endtime?  There's no mysql field called recendts. 
But yes, I guess that would work, as long as it's ok that the end time
happens before the start time.

Anyway, I set this up in mythweb.  it seems to work.  endtime is set to
1970-01-01, starttime is set to the program's actual start time.

> > And there's no way to make the scheduler just ignore ANYTHING in
> > oldrecorded, like it used to?
> Not without losing the ability to reactivate recordings.

You don't just delete the oldrecorded entry to reactivate?


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