[mythtv] Schedule offset

David Hoelzer dhoelzer at cyber-defense.org
Wed Apr 14 08:10:50 EDT 2004

Please forgive me if I've selected the wrong list to post this to.

I recently began actively using Myth, so that may give you some 
context.  Everything at this point is functioning perfectly (excellent 
work guys) except for the schedule.  It is being pulled in using 
tv_grab_na_dd by mythfilldatabase, but the times seem to be shifted by 
four hours (programs claim that they start 4 hours later than actually 
scheduled).  I've tried adjusting the schedule offset value in the 
database to no avail.  This has included:

Stopping and restarting everything after making the change
Nuking the database and starting from scratch with the database
Checking out the newest CVS, nuking the database and starting from 
scratch (several times).

None of these had any noticeable affect on the problem, so I resorted 
to just setting the system clock ahead four hours.  This is, of course, 
not the most preferable solution, but it works. ;)

Before I start digging around trying to fix this, I thought I'd ask if 
anyone has experienced this problem and could point me at where I've 
gone wrong.

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