[mythtv] DVB Channel Changes

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Wed Apr 14 04:09:10 EDT 2004

Ed Wildgoose wrote:

> Your model sounds very good.  However, although theoretically less 
> nice, you might want to consider deriving the Multiplex layer based on 
> the (duplicate) data in the channels table.

Right. That was the thinking when I designed the current model: You can 
derive the multiplex by comparing physical channel data. Given that 
nothing in MythTV needed the multiplex yet, I thought that was 
sufficient for now and that we could still add multiplexes explicitly 
later when it turns out that the current model is insufficient. What 
comes to me, you're welcome to change this detail, if needed. I 
discussed the DB model before I implemented the code, so you're 
encouraged to read the posts on the mailing list (look from beginning of 
2003), in chronological order.

(I am saying multiplex here, because that's what we need for at least 
one usecase: Recording several channels at once from the same card. I 
thought every transponder carries (0 or) one multiplex?)

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