[mythtv] Re: Slow scheduling >1 min, causes timeouts

Kyle Mestery kmestery at comcast.net
Tue Apr 13 20:12:01 EDT 2004

I should clarify my comments, when I said things die when remote
clients connect, I meant they hang, and I either have to kill
them, or wait 3-5 minutes for the frontend to receive my key

I've tried restarting the backend, frontend, and myslqd to no
avail, either. mysql usage goes down significantly when I kill
or exit the frontend, and things do return to normal ... until
the next frontend connects.


On Tue, 13 Apr 2004, Kyle Mestery wrote:

> I am seeing the same behaviour as Mark has indicated below,
> with CVS from 04-12-2004, 8PM CST. I cannot get any remote
> clients to connect the backend, things just die. THis started
> happening about the same time as Mark indicates for me, and
> I have not had time to report it until now.
> I've done an strace on the frontend process, and it's getting
> EAGAIN on some reads, presumably from the network.
> Versions of software:
> RedHat 9
> Kernel 2.4.20-30_37.rh9.at
> Mysql 3.23.58
> Kyle
> --------------
> I searched gossamer and didn't see much relevant to my situation.
> For the past week Myth has been much slower than normal to complete
> scheduling. I.E. setting a program to record / not record. What used
> to be nearly instanteous is now causing timeouts in mythweb /
> mythfrontend. During this time the mythbackend and mysql processes
> are taking up 100% CPU. I'm running current CVS (mythbackend
> version: 0.15.20040324-1) compiled in debug mode just in case a crash
> happened, but none has so far.
> Originally it took 4-5 min. to complete each schedule change, while
> watching the -v all output I noticed it was always pausing longer just
> before listing 'Friends'. So I looked at the 'record' table and
> noticied two odd rows there.
> Friends - had chanid=NULL, starttime and endtime=00:00:00, startdate
> and enddate were either NULL or all zeros (don't remember).
> and a blank row that had the same set of blanks/nulls as Friends. The
> title/subtitle/description were all blank for this last row.
> Since these didn't look right to me, I deleted both rows and added
> Friends back in through mythfrontend.
> After that change it only takes a minute to make any scheduling
> changes, but this is still enough to timeout mythweb and mythfrontend.
> All the values in record seem to be sane (no unusual NULLs or zeros).
> Any recommendations on what's causing the slowdown, or what I could
> look at to fix it?
> running:
> Redhat 9
> kernel 2.4.20
> mysql-3.23.58-1.9
> I don't remember upgrading any packages when this started happening.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mark


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