[mythtv] scheduler: "The Nanny" - tipping point into madness

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Apr 13 15:39:22 EDT 2004

Robert Kulagowski wrote:
>> If that doesn't fix it, save "select * from program where title =
>> 'The Nanny';", mysqldump your 'program' table, "delete from program;",
>> and run mythfilldatabase again. It's possible that there is a bogus
>> entry for "The Nanny". If clearing this out fixes it then it
>> might be fun to see what the bad entry was.
> OK, did this.  Dumped the program table, removed "The Nanny", then 
> pulled it back in.

I may have mis-communicated and/or mis-read. If you restored
the program table sans "The Nanny", the badness may actually
be somewhere else as you've pointed out. "delete from program;"
then run mythfilldatabase while there are 0 entries in the
program table so that it pulls in entirely new data. The
reason I suggested dumping the data was for later analysis
in case this turns out to be the problem.

> mythbackend scheduled 200 something programs in a little less than 1 
> second.
> Ran mythfilldatabase, pulled one day of data.  9 showings of "The Nanny" 
> are in there.  Added TN through mythweb.
> 2004-04-13 10:09:36 Scheduled 278 items in 2.14647 seconds.
> 2004-04-13 10:30:16 Scheduled 286 items in 5.67061 seconds.
> 2004-04-13 11:00:07 Scheduled 286 items in 7.68143 seconds.
> 2004-04-13 13:00:10 Scheduled 286 items in 9.1703 seconds.
> Each iteration through the scheduler is taking longer, even though the 
> number of programs being scheduled hasn't changed.
> What else can I do?

Run mysqlcheck (if you haven't already =) in case there is a
damaged table.

One thing that can happen is that a bogus entry can show up in
the 'record' table. This has happened to at least JAC, David and
myself. Normally it just screws up the Recording Priorities page
but maybe you have a bad entry that affects the scheduler. Go to
the priorities page and see if there is an entry with a blank
title, unprintable characters, misalignment where there is
garbage in all columns, or if you only see a few things when
you know there should be several more.

If so, look at "select * from record;" to see if there are NULL
titles, zeroed out times or dates, bogus string in the "profile"
field, etc.

--  bjm

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