[mythtv] DVB Channel Changes

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 13 14:11:53 EDT 2004

>>What is the justification in keeping the PIDs in a separate table?
>>It would appear to be a complication in order to allow a dynamic
>>number of PIDs to be associated with each channel. However, mythtv
>>only seems to support 3 PIDs for each channel, so I am not convinced
>>this extra complexity is justified.

What I was inferring is that it might be possible to only use the PIDs list as a temporary list of
the PIDs for each program until it can be re-verified or updated from the dvb stream..

>>My only other thought, something needs to be done, eventually, to make
>>it easier to setup DVB channels (without manually copying
>>channels.conf to mysql), but realize it is probably more important to
>>get the database structure finalised first.
> There is a lot of good chatter about this in the myth-dev archives.
> Just search for DVB in the title, and look for stuff from Kenneth and
> Ben Bucksch (among others)
> Multiple pids seems like a good forward looking measure though, you can
> have a lot of languages and extra junk for each channel.  The auto
> import of channels.conf would be really useful - look for the links to
> mythchannels from Ramon some time back - updating and porting this code
> would be really useful - I had hoped to do this myself, but have now got
> a big list of more important projects....  I think something capable of
> running "scan" or importing a channels.conf file and then auto importing
> into the DB tables would be enough though.  There are a few perl and
> bash scripts in the archive to do this, (and I use Excel!), but
> something in c++ is required.
> Good luck and thanks for the thoughts

This is my main goal.  It is really difficult to write a dvb scanner when you have a database that
does not represent the heirarchy of the dvb channel strucutre (I.E. Source -> Transport ->
Program).  A scanner would be much easier to write if it could track the Transports (or
transponders in my case for DVB-S) and each Program that hangs off of them..  The best thing to do
would be to setup your dvb card with an initial transport source and tell it to scan, if the
transport is all from the same service all of the transponders will automaticly fill themselves
in, and you would be complete with your DVB setup.  This list could also be constantly updated via
the DVB stream if a channel were to change transports, and guide could also be obtained from the
stream (Assuming the DVB guide is decent, in NA there are only a few sources that the DVB guide is

I saw a reply a few days ago I meant to reply to about analog satellite channels being supported. 
Would it not be possible to accomodate them by placing a flag for each transponder as to weather
its children are DVB or analog channels? (Possibly a enumeration of Modulation and there would be
a special flag for Analog which would mean only look at the channel number and the associated
transponder ID to tune this type of satellite channel)?  I am making the assumptions that an
analog satellite channel takes up one physical channel and there is no multiplexing involved. 
Whomever it was who asked about analog channel can you verify this, or tell me what is required to
tune an analog channel that is not present in the Database mini diagram I posted a few days back.

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