[mythtv] scheduler: "The Nanny" - tipping point into madness

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Apr 13 03:08:58 EDT 2004

Robert Kulagowski wrote:
> The scheduler can take 3-4 _minutes_ to run, instead of 2-4 seconds, and 
> myth can just keep on eating memory until init kills it.  Everything 
> becomes laggy (load average climbs past 8 or 9), because kswapd is 
> trying it's hardest, but 512MB phys + 512MB swap sometimes still isn't 
> enough.

Obviously the slowness is the memory thrashing and I suspect it
might grow forever no matter how much memory you have. I'm not
seeing anything like this and in earlier testing, I needed to
have thousands of items in order to make it run for a few seconds
to see significant time differences for comparisons.

A couple things to try. Do a "make distclean" (if you haven't
already =) to make sure that nothing is compiled against an
old library or if you've updated the compiler version or whatnot.

If that doesn't fix it, save "select * from program where title =
'The Nanny';", mysqldump your 'program' table, "delete from program;",
and run mythfilldatabase again. It's possible that there is a bogus
entry for "The Nanny". If clearing this out fixes it then it
might be fun to see what the bad entry was.

--  bjm

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