[mythtv] DVB Channel Changes

Brian May bam at snoopy.apana.org.au
Mon Apr 12 19:42:25 EDT 2004

>>>>> "GTaylor" == Taylor Jacob <rtjacob at earthlink.net> writes:

    GTaylor> dvb_channel (multiplexed channel table) (pids still
    GTaylor> seperate but this may be ok) Then again with serviceid

What is the justification in keeping the PIDs in a separate table?

It would appear to be a complication in order to allow a dynamic
number of PIDs to be associated with each channel. However, mythtv
only seems to support 3 PIDs for each channel, so I am not convinced
this extra complexity is justified.

Then again, I haven't read the DVB specs...

On the topic of names, I think it could be confusing if you deviate
away from names in the standard, even if these names are confusing.

My only other thought, something needs to be done, eventually, to make
it easier to setup DVB channels (without manually copying
channels.conf to mysql), but realize it is probably more important to
get the database structure finalised first.

(Whenever DVB channels are advertised here, it is as a channel number,
eg. 70, 77 or 99. However, mythtv seems to manually configuring a
mapping from channel number to {frequency,video PID,audio PID}.  How
is this meant to be configured? I would have hoped DVB had somewhat
improved from the old analog system of manually tuning each TV

Also mythtv really needs to understand that not every analog channel
has a DVB equivalent, and not every DVB channel has a analog

Anyway, just my thoughts.

Keep up the good work!
Brian May <bam at snoopy.apana.org.au>

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