[mythtv] [PATCH] Allow to select the satellite when inserting advb channel

Leandro Dardini ldardini at tiscali.it
Mon Apr 12 03:12:08 EDT 2004

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Subject: Re: [mythtv] [PATCH] Allow to select the satellite when inserting
advb channel

> On Wednesday 31 March 2004 03:44 pm, Leandro Dardini wrote:
> > Hello,
> > the attached patch corrects a little bug in the satellite selection when
> > inserting a new dvb channel. When you insert a new dvb channel, the
> > value is not initialized, so the query always returns zero rows.
> > the dvb channel, only the selected satellite is inserted in the combo
> > so it is impossibile to choose another satellite.
> > This patch corrects this behaviour, letting the user to choose the
> > satellite where to find the dvb channel.
> This doesn't look correct to me -- you're going to end up with a list of
> defined satellites, not just those available on the card.

Yes, you are right. All the available satellite are shown. The correct way
is to get the sourceid selected in the ChannelOptionsCommon, get the cardid
associated and then the satid available on these cards.
But... how can I get the sourceid selected from within the DvbSatellite


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