[mythtv] live TV stuttering

Mike Wilcox mike at trouble.org.uk
Sun Apr 11 06:34:03 EDT 2004

Ed Wildgoose wrote:

> Hamish Moffatt wrote:
>> I'm having a problem with live TV where Myth will start "stuttering".
>> It'll start within a second or two of changing to a channel, else it
>> will be ok. The audio and picture will pause then resume, over and over.
>> I can always fix it by quitting back to the menu and going straight back
>> to live TV (which goes to the same channel). I can usually fix it by
>> switching to another channel and back again.
> This is DVB right.  This is a known issue and is probably sound card 
> related.

I have seen a similar stuttering, but where the video runs in 
half-second jerks, but the audio sounds fine. It can happen on the first 
channel selected.

A workaround I have found to this is to pause live TV for a couple of 
seconds, then let it continue playing. Things keep going for a while 
before the jerky video returns.

When this happens, the overlaid info box that shows how far behind (in 
time) you are is gradually getting a larger value - much larger than 
explained by the short pauses. The amount of disk space used up does 
*not* increase! My current suspicions are on something to do with frame 
counting, but see my other mail about that (subject: Frame numbers in 
DVB (and perhaps HDTV)).



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