[mythtv] DVB Channel Changes

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 10 21:32:36 EDT 2004

I have noticed some issues with allowing DVB support to grow in myth.  I
have been working on a DVB EPG app to get guide data from the DVB provider
rather than using xmltv.  It has brought me to the conclusion that some
changes need to be made to the way dvb channels are handeled.  Here are my
proposals.  Please provide me with some feedback.

Each DVB channel should have a multiplex assosicated with it rather than a
fixed frequency and fixed symbolrate, etc.  For example in DVB-C/T this
would be a physical channel, in DVB-S this would be a transponder.

If you are using a DVB-C/T card you would simply have one input (DVB In). 
If you are using a DVB-S card with switches or an hh motor you would get
(virtual) inputs in the cardinputs table.  So each satellite would end up
being an input source, and its transponders would be linked to the
satellite/input which would then link to a channel..


Satellite (Input Source) -> Transponder (Multiplex) -> DVB Channel

The reason for this is to help impliment the DVB EPG parsing.  Each
multiplex could be skimmed for guide at whatever interval you wanted
(assuming the card wasn't being used).  This would eliminate all the
duplicate data being placed in the dvb_channel table.

With my limited knowledge of DVB-C and DVB-T (since we dont have either in
NA) I hope I am not making any crazy assupmtions that would screw anyone

Any thoughts?


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