[mythtv] Difference between videoout_xv - videoout_xvmc

xavier nikoxan at mixmail.com
Thu Apr 8 14:04:05 EDT 2004

Hi there,
I'm trying to redirect the global output of mythfrontend into another aplication so as to
stream all its content (qt menus, video, audio). 

My idea is to create  new AudioOutput and Videoout subclasses so as to pass the frames the
other aplication (ie. videolan). When figuring out which of the set of videoout classes
did my system use, (to have something to begin with my development) I found it was
"videoout_xv". What's the difference between this one and "videoout_xvmc"?

I would also be very grateful with those of you who express your opinion of my idea,
wether it's worth to try it or not, suggestions, etc.

Thanks a lot in advance,  

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