[mythtv] [patch] dvb cam fixes

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Wed Apr 7 22:45:35 EDT 2004

On Thursday 08 April 2004 04:36, you wrote:
> Kenneth Aafl°y wrote:
> > On Thursday 08 April 2004 04:19, you wrote:
> >> Kenneth Aafl°y wrote:
> >>> Yeah, It was reported in your previous report also, but I thought it
> >>> was just g++ gibberish. Anyways, updated the main patch in this
> >>> also, one-liner (forgot to include dvbcam.h when making the patch),
> >>> if you only need the last update, just edit out the lines above
> >>> 'Index: dvbcam.h'.
> >>>
> >>> Thanks for reporting the errs, Daniel!
> >>
> >> No problem, well now it compiles atleast but it didn't fix my
> >> problem with the 'no right' in the cam menu that appears after
> >> changing the channel two or three times but it was worth a try.
> >
> > This sounds like a CAM problem, not programmer problem, as I've made
> > it so that any menu is automagically accepted (will make it display a
> > message on an active frontend, if any later). Could you post the
> > complete log with 'mythbackend -v channel,record' either to the list
> > or my personal mailbox?
> I will send you the -v channel,record version tomorrow since im way to
> tired right now :)
> But i can give you the rest of the info now.
> This is where it loops
> Adding CA Descriptor (CASID=0500, CAPID=E304)
> 2004-04-08 04:15:37 DVB#0 CAM - Sending PMT to slot 1.
> CloseSession 00000005
> OpenSession 00400041
> New MMI (session id 5)
> 5: <== Display Control
> 5: ==> Display Reply
> 5: <== Menu Last
> 5: <== Text Last 'Viaccess Module'
> 5: <== Text Last ''
> 5: <== Text Last 'OK to return to the Main menu'
> 5: <== Text Last 'No right'
> CAM Menu Title: Viaccess Module
> CAM Menu SubTitle:
> CAM Menu BottomText: OK to return to the Main menu
> CAM Menu Entry(0): No right
> Selecting first entry
> 5: ==> Menu Answ
> iirc it takes about 15mins or so until it resets the cam slot and then it
> starts to decrypt the channels again until the next time this appears, some
> channels seems to trigger this more easily then others and i know of two
> more people with the same provider and same problem and one of them has the
> same problem in vdr aswell.
> The lastest version of the technotrend windows software fixes the problem,
> in earlier versions i had to restart the software when i got the 'no right'
> but the firmware in the driver was the same as in the previous version.
> If there is anything i can do to get more info on this please let me know.

I'm assuming this is a problem with the CAM sending the 'No Right' message 
even though you have access to the channel (you mention it decrypting a bit 
of it). First, try to comment out this section of the dvbcam.cpp:
                if (menu->Selectable())
                    cerr << "Menu is selectable" << endl;

Then test it some with that commented out, if that gives somewhat different 
results (like longer decryption period) please report it. If it much of the 
same, please try commenting out the entire message handler, from the start at 
line ~210:
210:        if (ciHandler->HasUserIO())
till the end, around line 255:
253:            first_send = true;
254:        }



Kenneth Aafl°y
ke-aa at frisurf.no

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