[mythtv] Frontend dying on aspect ratio change

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Wed Apr 7 09:43:05 EDT 2004

The following snippet from one of my recordings *usually* kills the 
frontend at the point the aspect ratio changes from 16:9 to 4:3 (just as 
Friends starts)

http://www.wildgooses.com/downloads/duff.nuv   (around 7Mb and FWIW: it 
came from a dvb-t device)

I'm having difficulty debugging it though.  It doesn't *always* die  for 
starters (but > 50% of the time it does).  Also, gdb is acting rather 
wierd for me, "thread apply all bt full" is just doing nothing (although 
"bt full" still seems to do something) - I have tried updating to gdb 6 
and a newer 2.6.5 kernel, but no change..?  I also can't see how to get 
gdb to stop just before the app dies, and so I can't see how to find out 
which line it is actually excuting on?  (It's not dying like a segfault 
would) Finally, whats with all the Sig32 signals in the most recent cvs 
version? Is "handle SIG32 nostop" the way everyone else supresses them?

As near as I can tell though, it's probably related to the "unknown 
conversion" error messages coming back (which seem to be in the OSD 
code), and the "GetNextFreeFrame() served a busy frame" messages.  
However, these don't reliably turn up every time.  Could it in fact be a 
chunk of code which isn't handling SIG32 signals though (hence the 
reason it doesn't happen everytime, bit of a race condition)?

Any help appreciated

Ed W

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