[mythtv] [bug] mythweb update pre/post rolls?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Apr 6 20:39:25 EDT 2004

Damion de Soto wrote:
> Speaking of pre/post rolls, there are two places to set these.
> the global setting, and then the advanced recording setting.

Actually, there is only one place to set pre/post roll seconds
in Setup->TV Settings->General. The mythfrontend advanced options
page has settings for Start Early/End Late minutes. These are two
separate, distinct feature that are unrelated.

Start Early/End Late minutes - are used by the scheduler when
creating the schedule. These change the scheduled record times
on a per record rule basis. If scheduled time is added so that
two shows overlap, they will either be recorded on different
cards or one of the shows will not be recorded if no other card
is available.

Pre/post roll seconds - are used by the recorder at record time
if possible. These are not considered by the scheduler when the
schedule is filled in. These are used by the recorder and therefore
apply to all shows with no consideration of the title. This is
useful for giving the recorder a head start to change channels
and start grabbing frames ahead of the actual start time. This
is especially useful for an external cable box so that there is
time for the channel change script to run and the cable box OSD
to clear. If shows are back to back, these are ignored and the
recorder stops the first recording and starts the second record
at the scheduled time.

> are these two added together, or does advanced recording values override
> the global settings ?

These are not in related parts of the code so there is no variable
where they are added together as such but they are both applied
independently. If you had 3 seconds of preroll and set 1 minute
of Start Early time for a show listed as starting on the hour,
the recorder would start at :58:57.

--  bjm

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