[mythtv] [bug] mythweb update pre/post rolls?

mian mythtv at mian.net.au
Mon Apr 5 20:42:30 EDT 2004

last week recording john doe i usually have pre/post rolls set on 5mins,
but the channel always airs it late so i missed the ending, and remember
changing the pre/post rolls to 15mins to ensure it didnt happen again.

so this morning i went to watch recordings and noticed it had only used
5min rolls, so i went to tvguide and checked the they were both set back
to 5mins, so once again i set them to 15mins and pressed update recording
settings and the page refreshes and the boxes have 15mins filled in, so it
appears to have worked, however if you then go back to recording
schedules, click on john doe they're both back on 5mins.

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