[mythtv] xbox ir module

Sean seanecovel at comcast.net
Mon Apr 5 17:02:03 EDT 2004

It is my understanding that repeating is the way it is supposed to work. 
  If I open a console and run irw I get lots of repeats.  To slow down 
the repeats that get sent to MythTV you can edit your .lircrc file.  The 
repeat = x determines how often another event is sent.

repeat = 4

means every 4th code gets sent on as an event.

repeat = 1

means every code gets sent.

repeat = 0

should stop repeat from being sent.


Robert Stanford wrote:
> sg wrote:
>> Thanks for the info, alas it is still not working...
>> I am testing a remote control by opening a console
>> window and pressing various keys on the remote to
>> see what's going on...
>> pressing and releasing any key seems to send an endless copies of the 
>> keypress event to the screen.
>> pressing and releasing any key very fast seems to send less keypress 
>> events to the screen.
>> as a test, i've tried to disable keyboard autorepeat
>> (xset r off); in that scenario, first keypress is ignored, and the 
>> second keypress results in 2 characters being printed (that's only if 
>> 2 keypresses
>> are identical, otherwise nothing goes through).
>> any help in resolving this would be highly appreciated
>> thanks,
> I use the lirc_xir modules from xbox-linux.sf.net,
> My mythtv config files and are at,
> http://www.rotapile.com/mythtv/lircrc
> http://www.rotapile.com/mythtv/lircd.conf
> Instructions are at
> http://cvs.xbox-linux.org/viewcvs.py/xbox-linux/lirc/lirc_xir/README?rev= 

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