[mythtv] RE: Improved MythTV DirectFB output

Juha Pahkala juhis at trinity.is-a-geek.com
Mon Apr 5 10:38:38 EDT 2004

This mail is a reply to the below thread in mythtv-dev list:


Please apply these patches to cvs. They fixed my Directfb output, before
them, my directfb output always looked funny. Now I know it must've been
the colorspaces ;) Here's a mail I sent about it a month ago.


There's at least one problem with the patch though. Pretty often when I
change the channel, when watching live tv, a still frame of the previous
channel is left on top of the picture, ie. I can hear the sound of the
new channel, but see the still frame of the old one. And the frame won't
disappear even when I exit mythfrontend, I have to use some other
directfb application to reset the picture on the tv.

Anyhow thanks for the great contribution, mythtv is becoming usable for
me too, very happy ;)


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