[mythtv] xbox ir module

sg dev4sg at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 2 21:28:06 EST 2004

Thanks for the info, alas it is still not working...
I am testing a remote control by opening a console
window and pressing various keys on the remote to
see what's going on...

pressing and releasing any key seems to send an 
endless copies of the keypress event to the screen.
pressing and releasing any key very fast seems to 
send less keypress events to the screen.
as a test, i've tried to disable keyboard autorepeat
(xset r off); in that scenario, first keypress is 
ignored, and the second keypress results in 2 
characters being printed (that's only if 2 keypresses
are identical, otherwise nothing goes through).

any help in resolving this would be highly appreciated


--- Dennis Cartier <pvr at trigger.net> wrote:
> sg wrote:
> >  
> >   i've tried browsing on the web, but to no avail.
>  I am finishing up using
> > my Xbox with MythTV and have a problem of
> usb-xboxir module in the
> > kernel issuing multiple key presses (i.e. key
> repeat problem)  I've seen
> > some references about it, but can not find a fixed
> module.  So, if anyone
> > is running an Xbox with fixed key repeat problem,
> please send me a binary
> > thanks
> >  
> > -- g
> >  
> > p.s. i'm running xebian 1.0.1 with 2.4.25 kernel
> >  
> Try this one. It is from my BETA 0.4 release which
> also uses Xebian 1.0.1
> Feel free to drop by the forum to discuss MythTv on
> XBox issues.
> http://bit.blkbk.com/phpBB2/
> Dennis

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