[mythtv] QTE / DirectFB input problem

Derek Watson Derek.Watson at intergen.co.nz
Fri Apr 2 02:55:38 EST 2004

Hi folks

I'm having some troubles with myth when built with QT/E and DirectFB.
The problem is that myth never seems to receive keyboard (or remote)
input events, with the console receiving keystrokes instead. This
results in the myth UI being overwritten by black patches where the text
is showing through from the console (bash shell seemingly active).

I'm starting the frontend with the following command: mythfrontend -qws
-nomouse -noswcursor >/root/mythfb.log 2>&1

I've hacked the code a bit to allow myth to receive key commands via a
TCP socket, using the same postEvent mechanism used by the LIRC code.
This works fine, so the UI is obviously responding to events, but no
events seem to be arriving from the keypresses on the console myth is
started from.

Anyone got any ideas?


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