[mythtv] Totaly unrelated to MythTv sort of

Jason Schloer schloer.jason at tangoinc.com
Thu Apr 1 15:56:57 EST 2004

Does it have to run on linux? There is always the free Windows Media encoder
which encodes into wmv format on the fly. Will also encode to multiple
bitrates, etc. It's actually pretty nice, for free software. Hate to promot
a Windows product, but if you aren't locked into linux it's very good.


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There seem to be a lot of vary smart people on this list and I hate to
pester/spam you, but I would like to ask a mostly non-Myth
related question.
Please don't be mad, this seems to be a group of Linux video capture
I had a company that was going to provide me with software to capture and
stream video to the web, they just changed the price from
$15K to $150K, and their rational was that I wanted this on Linux, and the
15K price was for windows.
Does anyone out there know how to do the following:

Capture an s-video signal and encode it to stream at 320X240 15 or 30 fps to
a rebroadcaster?
I assume it needs to be encoded via windows media, QuickTime, real or some
other standard that can be played by almost any computer
on the net.

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