[mythtv] mythtv-keys.sxc: a spreadsheet of key bindings

Reza Naima reza at reza.net
Mon Sep 29 00:10:53 EDT 2003

I would really like to see the addition of some pop-up screen (that is 
context-defendant) where various sub functions can be scrolled through 
and edited with just the arrow keys.   For example, if pressed while 
viewing TV, it would allow you to configure all the video settings like 
contrast, etc.  However, as I still dont understand how the GUI code 
works, I can't contribute yet.

I have been meaning to add a 'key' abstraction layer to let the end user 
have the ability to configure key mappings (probably through an xml 
file), but I haven't gotten to that yet..


Derek Atkins wrote:

>As I mentioned earlier I volunteered to turn keys.asc into a
>spreadsheet so one could easily see at a "glance" what keys were bound
>to what functions on what pages (and generally what remote control
>buttons are bound to what keys).  I based the latter part on my
>personal .lircrc for my Hauppauge Grey remote.  I believe I've covered
>all the bindings in keys.asc, albeit not in sufficient detail to
>consider this a replacement for the file.
>It's in Open Office format, but I'll happily convert to HTML and put
>it on my web site if you'd prefer.
>As you can (will?) see, it's a fairly large matrix.  I think what this
>shows is that there are too many keys in use, and that there are
>probably a number of ways we could improve the UI by consolidating
>functions on similar pages to using the same sets of keys.  Also, when
>different pages require similar functionality, it may make sense to
>try to use the same keys there, too.  Hopefully this matrix is useful
>to someone.
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