[mythtv] [PATCH] Swedish translation updates

Tobias Blomberg blomman at ludd.luth.se
Thu Sep 25 02:11:28 EDT 2003


This is just a little completion of the Swedish translations for MythTV and 

Beside some strings, I have changed the placement of the strings "Conflicting 
recordings are highlighted in yellow" and "Deactivated recordings are 
highlighted in gray" in the conflict resolution screen. These sentences are 
split in two which make it hard to make good looking translations. The color 
strings are now placed to the right of the screen and the explanation strings 
are placed right justified to the left of them.

A small change in libs/libmyth/httpcomms.cpp: Setting the http variable to 0 
to avoid a segfault when using Qt version < 3.1. I submitted this simple 
patch before, but it didn't make it into CVS that time.

There are a bunch of strings without "tr" in for example 
mythtv/programs/mythfrontend/globalsettings.cpp. Bruno, are you working on 
getting these strings translated as well ?

/ Tobias
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