[mythtv] Re:[PATCH] Re: ivtv settings patch (revisited)

Steve Davies steve at one47.co.uk
Thu Sep 25 00:03:18 EDT 2003

I hope you didn't take offence at the comments about getting in the way of 
progress. The sarcastic British humour can be a bit dry sometimes!!!

Isaac Richards wrote:
> I still need to include a copy, as not everyone has the header, and not 
> everyone _with_ the header in their kernel includes has the newest version.  
> I also can't update to the newest version, as that would break things for 
> everyone that compiled the ivtv driver properly (with the included 
> videodev2.h).

Don't get me wrong, I agree that you should continue to supply a version... I 
did notice that in the current ivtv build instructions, it is suggested that 
you build against your kernel header (if available) and only copy the 
videodev2.h file from the utils area to the driver area if needed.

Does the Myth version of this header match the ivtv supplied version? I had 
more problems when using the ivtv supplied header (to the point of hanging the 
backend) than I did with the v4l2 header (which just broke brightness/contrast)

Could MythTV look in /usr/src/linux/... for a suitable file and use it if 

More simply, perhaps I could offer a paragraph for the HOWTO on this??? Just 
let me know.

> Proper thing to do would be to patch the ivtv driver for the new ioctls, and 
> have it handle both the new and old ones.  Then I can change my local copy of 
> videodev2.h in the myth source to the new one in a month or two.

Of course, then the v4l2 guys would come along and break some other binary 
compatability :-)

Thanks for the reply.

Steve Davies                   steve at one47.co.uk

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