[mythtv] "global" keys?

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Wed Sep 24 14:46:31 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 24 September 2003 01:42 pm, Renchi Raju wrote:

> qt events work like this: say a widget gets some keypress. this is
> handled by it directly,... unless u have an event filter installed
> on it with QObject::installEventFilter. Now on the mythfrontend a
> global eventfilter which handles only keypresses is created and a
> every mythdialog instance installs it by default into itself (and
> consequently onto all plugins which use this mythdialog). So the
> global eventfilter object (geo) is resident in the mythfrontend and
> so is in the execution loop. every time some event  happens in a
> mythdialog instance it goes to the geo which will accept and reject
> it.

	And is mythfrontend in the execution loop while a plugin module is 
running? Nope.

- thor

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