[mythtv] Re:[PATCH] Re: ivtv settings patch (revisited)

Geoffrey Hausheer ou401cru02 at sneakemail.com
Wed Sep 24 12:31:51 EDT 2003

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003 15:59:50 +0100, "Simon Kenyon simon-at-koala.ie
|mythtv/1.0-Allow|" <gckchlpjvn0t at sneakemail.com> said:
> Geoffrey Hausheer wrote:
> unless i'm very mistaken videodev2.h is part of v4l2
> so there should only really be one (theirs)
> do i misunderstand something?
> anyway, there are people (not me) who use ivtv and the bttv drivers
> together
Yes, I am one of those.  I use v4l1 for bttv (unpatched kernel), and ivtv
with the videodev2.h that is shipped with ivtv.  Works like a charm
(though i know that some people need v4l2 for their bttv cards.  Mine
works a bit smoother with 2.6 kernels, but there are enough other issues
for me not to go that route right now.)

Anyhow, Isaac is probably right.  the changes that the v4l2 maintainers
made will break lots of binaries, and it is really their problem, not


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