sms-to-record [was:Re: [mythtv] Re:Recurring Manual Recordings]

A6D90AFE at A6D90AFE at
Tue Sep 23 11:09:11 EDT 2003

Christian Hack wrote:
> Yes. There is a special entry in the settings table. I can't remember
> what it's called exactly, but when I did an SMS to recording script, I
> needed to set this value so mythbackend realised something new had
> changed. I found it in the MythWeb stuff. Sorry can't get to any of it
> here. Better than sending a HUP and apparently the correct way to do
> things.
> Someone else I'm sure can tell you what it's called. Otherwise I'll try
> and remember to look tonight.
> CH
hey that's cool. can you send the sms-to-record script ?

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