[mythtv] Point of 1007 db update?

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sat Sep 20 13:40:43 EDT 2003

On Saturday 20 September 2003 09:09 am, Geoffrey Hausheer wrote:
> Isaac,
>      What is the point of the 1007 db update?  if it didn't get created,
>      the user is in serious trouble, as they won't have any profiles.
>      Seems to me that you should modify the 1004-1005 conversion to
>      remove the ','.  If you really want to keep 1007, you need to check
>      the return code, and conditionally insert all the recording-prifile
>      records.  I think you'd be better off just making 1007 a NOP though.
>       Checking for error codes would have made this easier :)

Yeah, well, too late now =)  1007 _is_ a nop if you have the table already.  I 
should have re-inserted the profile names and stuff, I'll do that for 1008.  
Idea was that people using mysql 3.x wouldn't have gotten that table 
inserted, so...


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