[mythtv] How to submit some code?

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Fri Sep 19 12:13:09 EDT 2003

> Ok, I'm usually a windows programmer so please tell me if 
> this is the right way to submit my code.  I used diff -c on 
> the two files that I changed and sent the output to a diff 
> file.  I think that patch can use the diff file to patch the 
> original files.  I've got the tarball ready to send when I 
> find out who to send it to.  Just let me know.

I think "diff -bu2" is the preferred way.

The way I do it is:

1. write my code, test it and make sure I think it's ready to go
2. do a "cvs update" from the root of the module (eg mythtv)
3. fix any conflicts, test it and make sure I think it's ready to go
4. do a "cvs diff -bu2 > foobar.patch" also from the root

This way you can be sure your patches work against the most recent code
and it makes it possible to patch the code using just one command from
the root of the module (both make it easier on Isaac or the other module
owners to apply your changes).


> By the way, can some of you core developers tell me what 
> environment you use to develop with?  Are you using Qt 
> Designer?  I couldn't get it to work very good with the code 
> that I got out of CVS.  I would love to have some IDE that 
> would allow me to pull all of the projects into a master 
> solution (if you guys don't mind me using dotnet lingo).  Is 
> that possible?  I'm not asking for hand holding, just some 
> links to docs and some ideas that might same me some 
> frustration.  I would also like to know how I can set 
> breakpoints (graphically?) so that I can step through the code.
> Ok, that's a lot for one email.  I'll stop with the questions now.
> -- tale
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