[mythtv] My myth issues

Richard Naninck richard.naninck at home.nl
Thu Sep 18 22:37:46 EDT 2003

Hi all,

New to the group. Have been playing around with Myth for over a month now on
a Pundit, PVR250 with the grey remote using myth from CVS.

One thing I changed so far, but don't know how to upload yet:
- I live in the Netherlands where we use most of the UHF frequency table.
This table is located in /mythtv/libs/libmythtv/frequencies.c. I noticed
that the UHF table in this file only starts at channel 21 whereas I have 5
channels below 21. We also use 6 - 7 - 9 - 10 and 11. So I put those in this
file which enables me to also watch these channels now.
#define FREQ_UHF \
    { "6",   183250 },   \
    { "7",   191250 },   \
    { "9",   200750 },   \
    { "10",  208750 },   \
    { "11",  216750 },   \

- Things I will be adding in the future are: MythX10 plugin to control X10
modules via a CM11a and a MythVoicemail plugin to control all your voicemail
with phonebook, logfiles etc etc based on vbox3 vboxgetty. Not sure if
people are waiting for these modules, but it would make Myth the ultimate
multimedia and home control unit. I see that someone already is working on
Caller ID, so we may work together on putting the complete vmail box in

- ISSUES I encountered and cannot resolve (yet):

    - MythMusic. While playing an mp3 and trying to fast forward or rewind
the song, will hang my screen saver and UI. The music continues and only an
escape quits mythmusic after about 10 seconds. This is very consistent.
Anybody else not able to FF and RW?????

    - Instant TV recording. Doing so will hang MythFrontend. I will have to
kill the complete task to get out of this issue. Also consistent. It happens
all the times. Anybody else not able to do an instant recording. Try setting
it at about a minute or so. The recording will be done, but the rest will

    - My TV picture lacks data after switching channels. Pausing it for a
while or rewinding it for some seconds will resolve this problem. As if myth
is ahead of the datastream. I believe some people are working on it, but
even in the latest cvs I still have this problem. Also consistently btw.

    - Last, the EPG data is wrong just after midnight and until the mornig.
Not sure if this is a myth thing or an XML grabber thing. Looking at the
paper tv guide, programms after midnight are still on the same page as the
day before. So lets take a saturday; programms being displayed on sunday
early mornig are still on the saturday page. The EPG does the same thing. So
the data after midnight is always 24 hours off track. Anybody have this
problem, or should I talk to tv_grab_nl_wolf to have this problem

So far from me yet. Not contributing in a huge way, but that will change!!

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