[mythtv] Stop recording patch and some small fixes

DanM dan at milkcarton.com
Wed Sep 17 20:34:15 EDT 2003

> 2) The second reason for this patch is the fact that I didn't like the 
> fact that the Watch/Delete Recording pages (among others) can not be 
> used by using Up/Down and Enter alone. What I was missing was a way to 
> access all the possible actions from a menu or something like that. 
> That's what this patch does as well: it adds a pop-up menu with all 
> the possible actions. The actions are:
> - Play
> - Stop (only if selected item is currently recording)
> - Auto Expire / Don't Auto Expire (toggle)
> - Delete
> - Cancel
> NB: Both Stop and Delete ask for permission first.
> I connected the pop-up to the I key and folded the existing 
> functionality of the I key (Auto Expire switch) into the menu.

Tako, I would like to say thank you for doing the above.  Those have 
been on my wish list for a long time, but alas I never got around to it. 


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