[mythtv] setting up mythtv without GUI

Jason Fayre jfayre at fayre.net
Wed Sep 17 10:53:35 EDT 2003

Hello everyone,
I have an interesting situation here.
I am trying to set up mythtv 0.11 on my linux box.  The problem is that I
am totally blind and am unable to use the GUI under linux.  I am
restricted to the command-line.
If I am understanding the documentation correctly, I should be able to run
the backend without X running.  HOwever, the setup program is X-based.
I am wondering if there is a way of doing the setup process without a GUI.
If I knew what goes into the settings table I could probably do it
Is the settings table the only thing that gets populated during the setup
process?  I am guessing that the filldatabase program does not require X
If I am on the right track here, could someone let me know what goes into
the settings table, or possibly just send me a dump of that table?
My plan is to use the web interface for scheduling programs once this is
set up.

Any help would be greatly apreciated.

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