[mythtv] mythtranscode memory leak

Geoffrey Hausheer ou401cru02 at sneakemail.com
Tue Sep 16 18:55:16 EDT 2003

On Tue, 16 Sep 2003 15:31:50 -0700, "Chris Petersen
lists-at-forevermore.net |mythtv/1.0-Allow|"
<o8f8hesx3k0t at sneakemail.com> said:
> > Well, if 'soon' is after Isaac applies the profile-group patch (next day
> > or so, most likely), you may not be 'all good', since the command line
> > arguments to mythtranscode have changed, and nuvexport may not work until
> > it is updated. (It depends on what parameter is passed for '-p' to
> > mythtranscode).
> well, as long as someone explains to me how the profile changes and
> mythtranscode changes work, it'll be easy for me to update nuvexport.
> -Chris
> btw, Geoff...   I know you do avi/divx encoding from the new
> mythtranscode..  could you send me a couple of sample command lines so I
> can add this stuff back into nuvexport?

Well, ihaven't been doing much transcoding lately.  I upgraded my box
when I installed the PVR250, and now I'm in a place where I want to
transcode the MPEG2 streams, but i can generate MPEG4 in real-time now. 
So basiclaly, i am planning to ad a patch that makes the auto-transcoder
availiable per profile, but I want to wait for my other pathces to work
their way into myth, so I don't break too many things at once.

Also, i never use the standalone transcoder...it was just added as a
feature which was requested and wasn't too hard to implement.

Anyhow, the only change to mythtrancode is in the '-p' option.  you
should either specify '-p autodetect' or '-p #' (where # is the profile
number to use).  If --fifodir is set, myth should ignore the '-p' option
(though I think it still needs to be specified).  So the safest thing is
to just do '-p autodetct' if you don't care which profile is used (as in
the case of using --fifodir).  Also, when using the fifo, mythtranscode
should no longer create a .tmp file.  I've done basic testing that it all
works, but let me know if something isn't working for you, and I'll fix
it asap (obviously all this only applies once the profile-group patches
are applied)


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