[mythtv] FileSystem to use for Myth (was Re:Channel change sp eed)

Renchi Raju renchi at pooh.tam.uiuc.edu
Mon Sep 15 16:56:57 EDT 2003

On Mon, 15 Sep 2003, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> I have experience receiving plenty of bug reports from XFS users when it
> corrupts their files.  Does that count?

not to start a filesytem flamewar here :). i have had plenty of problems
with ext3 and reiserfs (filesystem corruptions), though this was more than
a year back. i then changed over to xfs and since then i haven't had a
single corruption related problem, inspite of quite a few hard reboots :).

your mileage will vary.

btw, there was a discussion on slashdot about putting xfs on a webserver,

i haven't read the article yet. but will prove to be an interesting read.


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