[mythtv] MythTV and VPS

Martin Habbecke M.Habbecke at gmx.de
Mon Sep 15 16:03:48 EDT 2003

Hi all,

first of all: many thanks to the developers of mythtv - it's really great.

A few days ago I had trouble recording a show. Not because of mythtv but 
simply because the show started later than scheduled (a situation not really 
uncommon in Germany...).

The VPS system is what TV networks (at least in Germany, not sure about other 
European contries) use to overcome broken recordings due to delays in the 
schedule. Since mythtv already has an interface to the data transmitted in 
VBI I think it should be possible to add support for VPS. Has this been 
discussed before (I didn't find anything in the archives) ? Is anybody 
working on VPS support?



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