[mythtv] Fwd: [PATCH] Add profile groups

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Sep 14 19:28:38 EDT 2003

Geoffrey Hausheer wrote:
> I got bored, so here is an updated version of the profile group patch.  I
> haven't run into any bugs so far, so this introduces a few minor
> enhancements:

Lazy Sunday afternoon so I tested it ;-).

> 1) MJPEG, DVB, and HDTV cards get default profile groups.  MHPEG is now
> its own card type.


> 2) The card types for custom profiles are now retreived from the CardType
> class instead of hardcoded


> 3) The group selector will hide default groups for cards not on the
> system (all user-created groups will be shown, regardless of whether a
> matching card exists)

95% of users will only have one type and don't need to be
concerned about all the other potential profiles so this is
a Good Thing.

> 4) When modifying profiles, profile types that incompatible with the
> current group are not shown.

That's slick. That'll cut down on newbie hair pulling.

In good testing, it seems to do the right things. I can set
different LiveTV widths for MPEG2 and MPEG4 and verify that
they do record at the specified widths.

I think it might be helpful if the profile group name and the
profile name appeared on the top line above each of the page.
I got disorientated a few time and would like to see maybe:

  Software Encoders - LiveTV: Image size

I'd like to see the default profile names "High-Resolution"
and "Low-Resolution". However, I realize others may not
treat Default as a medium res and may have other needs for
extra parameters. Maybe "Custom1" and "Custom2" would be
a better generic solution.

In bad testing, I found that I could merrily create several
groups with the same name. Editing their profiles caused 
segfaults. I didn't look into why because the user shouldn't
get there. There should probably be a check to be sure a new
group name is unique. 

I could create groups for hostnames that don't exist. It could
check for a match in capturecard.hostname. This might be
overkill. However, I'm guessing that "localhost" would be a
bad choice with slave backends and shouldn't be allowed.

The "cvs.sql" is good enough for testing the patch. However,
the existing things in the CVS cvs.sql need to be included
at the bottom and it needs to be modified in some way so that
it will only do the DROPs and CREATEs of the tables the first
time it is run.

As you have mentioned before, there is no way to delete a group
once it has been created. I can imagine that many people will
create bogus groups out of confusion or curiosity. This isn't
necessary for the first commit but may be good to have down
the line.

Good stuff, Geoff,

--  bjm

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