[mythtv] Tivo Watermark Image needed

Steven J. Finnegan sjf at controlsoftcorp.com
Sat Sep 13 16:47:48 EDT 2003

At 14:46 9/13/2003, you wrote:
>On Sat, Sep 13, 2003 at 12:44:46PM -0700, Steven J. Finnegan wrote:
> > (I thought 'threading' was done by subject -- sorry. I'll try this again)
> >
> > Does anybody know how to make the cool "watermark" images used in the 
> Visor
> > theme? Would it be possible to convert the attached (small) Tivo emblem
> > into one of these images? This is desired to integrate MythTivo into the
> > Visor theme.
>Isn't that a copyrighted image?
>  - mdz
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I don't see a (c) on it... And it was included in the original Mythtivo 

Sighhhh... but you're probably right.  :-(

How about some kind of generic image, maybe of a S1 tivo box (the one with 
the eye in the front)?


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