[mythtv] Re:DVB alpha-0.4

Mark Edwards mark at edwards.homelinux.net
Thu Sep 11 20:10:08 EDT 2003

Hey Ed.

I'm testing dvb-0.4 against an Avermedia DVB-T and I can report that live
channel changing and TV does work. I have having a few teething problems
generally, but this is probably due to the nature of my config.


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> > Yes, it's a Nova-T in the UK. And removing the CAM code while leaving
> > the Section-stuff in place allows recording to work successfully. No
> > sign of a segv at the moment. Can't test against live tv at the moment
> > though...
> Great!  Can you report back whether live channel changing works OK please?
If so then I think we can narrow down the seg fault to the CAM stuff.  I see
that Kenneth is #Define-ing out the whole lot in his latest patch, but long
term it might be nice to have the dvb-section stuff available (you never
know, perhaps someone will start transmitting program info one day...)
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