[mythtv] Nuv file playback on windows

foofoo A6D90AFE at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 11 01:22:53 EDT 2003

I don't mean to sound chicky or anything,
but I was just wondering do I really have to install this bloated vs.net
just to compile this directshow filter?
I have vs6+dx8 sdk and platform sdk installed, would I be able to compile
it?  I mean it's not c#, is it?.
and oh yeah - thanks for the efforts.

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Subject: [mythtv] Nuv file playback on windows

> Some time ago i said that i was working on some filters for windows that
> enables playback of nuv files.
> I have created a project as sourceforge for it (I know sf might not be the
> best place, but I didn't have anywere else to put it).
> It has a few bugs and problems that needs fixing, but it works. All the
> is in cvs.
> I haven't created any binaries for it yet since I wanted to fix most of
> bugs first.
> So if anyone wants to try it and maybe help fix some bugs, its located at
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/dsmyth
> You need vstudio dot net, dx9 sdk and maybe also the platform sdk to
> it.
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