[mythtv] Channel change speed

Michael Foley foleymic612 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 10 12:45:51 EDT 2003

I know the issue of excessive delay has been talked
about before in the users list, but I havn't seen any
active discussions on the subject in this list, so I
thought I would try and start an active discussion on
the matter.

If you are using an external tuner with an IR Blaster,
the delay is even greater (approx 3-4 seconds for a
four digit channel change).  It also seems to increase
proportionately to the amount of time you are watching
the current channel before changing it.  I'm assuming
this has to do with the tearing down the ring buffer? 

I was wondering if anyone was activly working or
planning to work on this issue.  I understand that
when viewing tv through Myth, the tv is not actually
"Live", but Microsoft is able to do it on the same
hardware with only approximatly a 1 second delay.  I
wanted to see if this is going to be possible with
Myth anytime in the near future.


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