[mythtv] atrpms, ivtv and compiling from source

mythdev at cue.cc mythdev at cue.cc
Wed Sep 10 14:40:47 EDT 2003

> > I have been experiencing problems with the msp3400 driver 
> from the ivtv
> > project.
> >
> > The guys on the #ivtv-dev channel were great, but we didnt get to a
> > final fix.  I'm still having problems with sound not being 
> encoded, and
> > the msp3400 driver reporting IO Errors.
> More details. We can try to help...

I've managed to fix it, but I need to figure out a way for the fix to be
a usable patch.

The problem was the the msp3400 module would lock up, spewing IO errors
on both read and write.  Using debug=1 didnt reveal any more

I edited the msp3400.c to try and reveal more about what was happening
before it choked up on read/write.  Eventually I tracked down what I
think the problem was.  It seems that the auto-detect routine is
pre-setting the device to the NTSC configuration.  I changed this to
PAL, and it worked.  There may be a way for the device to auto-configure
if I investigate the datasheet a little farther?

I've never submitted a patch before, and I'm not sure what is
best-practice for making the changes portable for other users.  A quick
google for 'patch "how-to"' at www.google.com/linux didnt turn up
anything that will teach me?

> > I want to compile the ivtv source atrpm but rpmbuild is reporting an
> > error:
> >
> > [root at zuul src]# apt-get --compile source ivtv
> > <snip>
> > Installing ivtv-0.12-cvs20030813_12.rh9.at.src.rpm
> > error: line 1: Unknown tag: %kernelmodule ivtv
> > Build command 'rpmbuild --rebuild
> > ivtv-0.12-cvs20030813_12.rh9.at.src.rpm' failed.
> > E: Child process failed
> >
> >
> > I have emailed Axel Thimm privately about it, but have not 
> heard back 
> > (I
> > might have been a bit vague).
> >
> > Looking around the web I cannot find any reference to 
> people building
> > atrpms from source.  It looks like the spec file needs 
> pre-processing 
> > by
> > some apt tool??  That would replace those '%kernelmodule' type tags 
> > that
> > are breaking the rpmbuild?
> Yes, there are several rpmmacros Axel uses that you would 
> need to have 
> defined in order to build straight off his spec files. They require 
> some fairly heavy hacking to get around that, but it can be 
> done (I've 
> done it myself for other ATrpms packages), but you have to 
> install the 
> .src.rpm file, edit the spec file, then rpmbuild -ba ivtv.spec.

Does he share those macros?  I've installed src.rpms too, and looked at
the differences between his .spec file and others.

> > I would really like to be able to do that to avoid breaking the
> > intricate dependecy chain that is setup by using apt-get to install
> > myth-suite :)
> Well, ivtv is NOT in the mythtv-suite dependency chain. No 
> drivers are, 
> only software components, since people use a variety of different 
> drivers for different cards. The only deps to worry about are 
> perl-Video-ivtv and perl-Video-Frequencies, I believe, which are 
> explicitly defined as deps in the spec file, so you won't be breaking 
> any dependency chains if you alter the macros in the spec file for 
> which you don't have definitions.

I must have just assumed that it was a dep... my bad.  I would however,
still like to be able to re-compile those src atrpms.  Am I asking too
much ?  Shoud I leave it alone?

Is there a way I can get a cvs checkout of Myth and compile it to
replace the atrpm installed packages?  I was thinking that I could use
the source atrpm, check out cvs into the build source tree, update the
spec file, and rpmbuild to achieve the update?

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