[mythtv] idea

Jeremy Hanmer jeremy at hq.newdream.net
Mon Sep 8 18:02:02 EDT 2003

With the recent changes in imdb and possible changes elsewhere that we
pull data from a website (MythWeather?), I was wondering if it might be
a good idea to store the URL (or a template thereof) in a file outside
of the source so that fixing such problems would be a lot easier for the
end user.  Right now, it takes quite a long time for a new version of
Myth to be release that fixes the problems like the current imdb issue. 
If that URL template were stored in an XML (or other format) file, it'd
be trivial to fix without having to wait for a new release or to use

Does anybody have any ideas on this?  It's quite possibly something I
could code up once we decide if and/or how to go about it.
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